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MasterCard Card Services

At Minnesota Valley, we don't play games with our MasterCard Card.  Other cards may have hidden fees or jumping interest rates that skyrocket after only a few months.  We offer low rates, payment grace periods and no annual fee on a card accepted anywhere MasterCard is.

Interest Rate

Our MasterCard Classic card has a variable rate which is currently at 11.24%*.  Although the rate can vary it will never go higher than 14.9%. 

Grace Period

Our 25 days grace period means no interest accrues on new purchases made with your Minnesota Valley MasterCard if you pay your balance in full each month.

Annual Fee

What annual fee?  There is no charge to carry the MVFCU MasterCard credit card.

Balance Transfer & Cash Advance Fees

We don't charge a balance transfer or cash advance fees.  This can help you pay off credit cards from other issuers that are simply charging you too much money.  One thing to remember is that finance charges beginning accruing the day after a balance transfer or cash advance as is standard with most credit cards.  The cash advance and balance transfer rate is the same rate.  Not all ATM's allow Credit Card Cash Advances (cash withdrawals). 

MasterCard Payment Protection

Because life never goes exactly as planned, expect the unexpected by protecting yourself and your family.  Available for just pennies a day, this optional coverage will pay the insured balance of your Minnesota Valley MasterCard in the event of your disability or death.


*The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 11.24%.  Your APR may vary.  The rate is determined by adding 6.75% for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers to the Prime Rate.  The Prime Rate is used to determine your APR and is the rate published in the "Money Rates" table of The Wall Street Journal on the statement cycle date of each month.  DISCLOSURE and AGREEMENT.


Debit/Credit Card 

PIN Reset: 1-888-891-2435
Activate Card: 1-888-691-8661
Lost/Stolen Card: 1-800-234-5354

Should I Consolidate My Debt?

Wondering if you should consolidate your debt?  Use our DEBT CONSOLIDATION CALCULATOR to help you determine your next move.

Lost Your Card?

If your MasterCard is ever lost or stolen, please report it  by calling The Members Group immediately at 1-800-234-5354. It is not necessary to contact Minnesota Valley directly. The Members Group will notify us to order a new card for you.

Online Access

Visit our ONLINE Credit Card page to view your account information, or make a payment anytime. 
You can also get credit card information by calling 800-234-5354.
To learn more about our Classic Credit Card: CLICK HERE



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