MVFCU Choice Rewards Credit Card

MasterCard Rewards Credit Card 

You likely already have your Checking, Savings, Auto, Mortgage Loans with us, and now MVFCU offers a new Credit Card that gives you access to an amazing number of rewards just for using your EMV Credit MasterCard.

YES YOU CAN. Enjoy the convenience of having all of your banking at MVFCU and the peace of mind knowing you’re getting a great value on all your banking needs.

Incredible Rewards

Find rewards from a wide variety of categories — more than 6 million rewards in total. Earn points just by using your card and redeem them for an incredible selection of merchandise, travel options, event tickets and activities.

Merchandise- Choose from millions of products — from bestselling books to must-have TVs and other electronic gear, to unique odds and ends. 

Travel- Flexible travel options and convenient online booking make it easy to customize trips with hundreds of flight, hotel, cruise, car rental and vacation package choices. 

Events- Get front row seats at thousands of in-demand events. From concerts to sporting events, redeem your rewards for tickets to the   best in  entertainment.

Activities- Reward yourself with amazing and unforgettable experiences. Redeem points for hundreds of exciting adventures like helicopter rides and whitewater rafting trips, or indulge in a spa getaway.

Earning Points is Easy! Here's How:

  • Shop: Make your everyday purchases with your Choice Rewards Card.
  • Earn: Online and In-store.
  • Watch Your Points Add Up: With so many opportunities to earn, your points will add up fast!

$1.00 Spent = 1 Reward Point (Points will be rounded to the nearest whole number)

Examples: $1.01 rounds to 2 points, $1.56 rounds to 2 points

                      $100 Spent = 100 Points

                      $500 Spent = 500 Points

Grace Period

Our 25-day grace period means no interest accrues on new purchases made with your Minnesota Valley MasterCard Rewards Credit Card if you pay your balance in full each month.

Annual Fee

What annual fee? There is no charge to carry the MVFCU MasterCard rewards credit card.

Balance Transfer & Cash Advance Fees

We don't charge a balance transfer or cash advance fees.  This can help you pay off credit cards from other issuers that are simply charging you too much money.  One thing to remember is that finance charges beginning accruing the day after a balance transfer or cash advance as is standard with most credit cards. The cash advance and balance transfer rate is the same low rate of 14.24%*.

MasterCard Payment Protection

Because life never goes exactly as planned, expect the unexpected by protecting yourself and your family.  Available for just pennies a day, this optional coverage will pay the insured balance of your Minnesota Valley MasterCard in the event of your disability or death.


*The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 14.24%. Your APR may vary.  The rate is determined by adding 6.75% for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers to the Prime Rate.  The Prime Rate is used to determine your APR and is the rate published in the "Money Rates" table of The Wall Street Journal on the statement cycle date of each month.  DISCLOSURE and AGREEMENT.

Redeem your Reward Points
Visit the rewards program website to track your earning and redeem. Visit our Online Credit Card page.

Lost Your Card?

If your MasterCard is ever lost or stolen, please report it  by calling The Members Group immediately at 1-800-234-5354. It is not necessary to contact Minnesota Valley directly. The Members Group will notify us to order a new card for you.

Online Access

Visit our ONLINE Credit Card page to view your account information, or make a payment anytime. 
You can also get credit card information by calling 800-234-5354.

Existing Credit Card Balances?

Do you have exisiting credit cards with high interest rates? Use this FORM to transfer your credit card balances to a MVFCU MasterCard Credit Card.
To learn more about MVFCU Choice Rewards Card: CLICK HERE


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