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Economical Summer Vacation Ideas

You don’t have to visit the French Riviera to have a memorable trip. Many people find a modest vacation less stressful because it fits neatly within their budget.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive summer vacations that won’t break the bank.


Many state and local parks offer clean, well-kept campsite and hot showers. If sleeping on the ground isn’t your thing, look for a park with rustic cabins—still cheaper than a hotel, but you won’t have to pitch a tent.

Visiting Friends

Staying with relatives or friends is a great way to visit other regions without spending much money. If you want to visit a place where you don’t know anyone, see whether you can plan the trip with another family and share accommodations.

Inexpensive Destinations

A hotel in Manhattan will cost you, but there are plenty of other destinations that offer a rich cultural experience for a lot less money. Cities like Providence, Rhode Island, and Philadelphia combine a wealth of attractions with more affordable lodging and restaurants.

Stay Home

Buy an up-to-date guidebook about your hometown or a nearby city and visit places you’ve heard about but never managed to see. You can also enjoy a completely free “staycation” by exploring new-to-you local neighborhoods and parks. Some libraries offer free passes to museums that are close by.

Save in Advance

No matter when you plan to take your vacation, it’s best to put aside money for it before you go. Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union offers special accounts to help you save up for your trip in advance.

Vacations don’t have to be glamorous to be restful and satisfying. The important thing is to recharge your batteries, spend some time with the people closest to you and expand your worldview.

Virginia C. McGuire, NerdWallet in conjunction with Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union..


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